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Range of services

innoCampus combines very many different projects. This page provides you with an overview of the subjects that we receive the most inquiries about.

In case your point of interest should not be listed, please don’t hesitate to contact Prof. Dr. Lars Knipping or Prof. Dr. Christian Thomsen directly.

Project Contact person E-Mail
Alumni portal Muhammed Alat alat(at)math.tu-berlin.de
Handicapped accessibility Christian Schröder schroede(at)math.tu-berlin.de
Third-party funding Michael Jeschke mjeschke(at)math.tu-berlin.de
Galilea Christian Schröder schroede(at)math.tu-berlin.de
Equipment for the auditoriums (Advice & support) Sabine Morgner morgner(at)physik.tu-berlin.de
Technical support for the auditoriums Sabine Morgner morgner(at)physik.tu-berlin.de
Technical support for the auditoriums Mario Wegner wegnerm(at)rz.uni-potsdam.de
ISIS/Moodle@TUB Marc-Robin Wendt info(at)isis.tu-berlin.de
Long Night of Sciences Muhammed Alat alat(at)math.tu-berlin.de
Moses Account Erhard Zorn erhard(at)math.tu-berlin.de
Remote Experiments Harald Scheel harry(at)physik.tu-berlin.de
Equipment for regular lecture halls Dirk Heinrich dhein(at)physik.tu-berlin.de
Server hosting Marc-Robin Wendt wendt(at)math.tu-berlin.de
TYPO3/Web presentation Muhammed Alat alat(at)math.tu-berlin.de
Roberta Katja Biermann biermann(at)math.tu-berlin.de
Erasmus Mundus ECW Erhard Zorn erhard(at)math.tu-berlin.de