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A virtual platform for students serving as a platform for integration at TU Berlin

Due to the Bologna Process, German universities have to restructure the degree programs that are on offer. As part of the restructuring efforts, substantial changes are also made to the universities’ administration. Research conducted at universities is more and more focussed on third-party funding. The competition, especially for students, has also increased dramatically. To convince more new students of attending a certain university, it is essential to offer efficient support when it comes to administration and planning of one’s studies.

New students have to become part of a complex university environment which at first is very anonymous. Disorientation, lack of information and insufficient time management skills will lead to adjustment problems. Especially students who are in the first semester of their study course often face problems when having to concentrate on their studies – administrative and organizational problems distract them too much from what is important. However, online services are able to provide them with the help that they need.

There are many services and systems already offered at TU Berlin which vary strongly in usage and usability. A joint environment for all these products will increase the degree of popularity and will remove barriers in the minds of the students which keep them from actually using these products.

“myDESK” will bring together the already-existing software solutions at TU Berlin into one single integrated web portal and will add other services which have been amiss so far. It is myDESK’s goal to develop a basic system which can be enlarged and extended by modular information and management services. Already-existing services such as TU Mailbox, HIS services, Moses Accounts, and ISIS will become part of myDESK, developing an intelligent tool to plan one’s course of studies. Old systems will not be deleted but will become the basic IT infrastructure for myDESK. myDESK is targeted towards all students with a special focus on students in the first semester. myDESK enables them to find their way around the many courses offered and actively supports them in planning their course of studies.


If you have more questions about myDESK, please feel free to contact:

Michael Jeschke

E-Mail: mjeschke(At)math.tu-berlin.de

Tel.: +49 30 / 314-25756