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The internet has become indispensable in today's university teaching. Homework is given online, the tutor is spoken to in chat groups, and as the number of students increases, professors also have to think about which changes are necessary so that their own research does not suffer from the time pressure of the teaching tasks. It is therefore only understandable that, despite difficult conditions, the number of tests carried out online is already increasing steadily and thus also the demands on computer pools and IT staff. Because the advantages are obvious: automated evaluation and paperless distribution of tasks.

Notebook rental for e-exams

Interested professors can contact innoCampus. The lecture rooms MA 004, MA 005 and HE 101 are currently open. a total of 225 notebooks, usable. The booking is made via Moses: when entering the exam, the option "online exam" must be selected and the request for the notebooks must be specified in the comments field.

The notebooks can also be used for intermediate exams or inspections. Such appointments can be arranged with us personally (see contact box on the right).

Zusatzinformationen / Extras


Phone: +49 30 314 74592
Mail: jan.eberhardt[at]tu-berlin.de